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Supplier Payment Terms and Conditions

1. Payment Terms

North West IT Services and Solutions Limited (North West IT) standard terms of payment are 30 days from receipt of a correctly formatted, approved invoice and will be processed to these terms unless there is a formal agreement in place with the supplier to the contrary.

It is the policy of North West IT to endeavour to ensure that:

  • Undisputed invoices are paid in accordance with any contract and within agreed payment terms;
  • Suppliers are advised without delay when invoices or part invoices are disputed;
  • Suppliers are paid by BACS (Bank Automated Credit Service).

2. Invoicing North West IT

To prevent delays, suppliers must submit invoices in the name of North West IT Services and Solutions Limited and must always quote the North West IT purchase order number (PO) and should also display the following:

  1. Your full company name, address, and contact information
  2. Bank details
  3. Your VAT registration number (if VAT is applicable)
  4. A clear description of what you are charging for
  5. The date the goods or service were provided (date supplied)
  6. Invoice date
  7. Amounts being charged
  8. VAT value, if applicable
  9. Total value
All invoices must be emailed to to ensure payment. Invoices sent directly to any other representative of North West IT will not be considered received.

North West IT can accept hard-copy invoices if you are not able to submit them electronically, and should be posted to:

Attn: Accounts Payable
North West IT Services and Solutions Limited
Bartle House
Oxford Court
M2 3WQ

3. No Purchase Order, No Pay Policy

We have introduced a No PO No Pay Policy, invoices received without the North West IT’s purchase order number will be returned.

Questions relating to supplier invoices can be emailed to or by telephone to 01204 588 444, option 4 for Supplier Support.

4. Payment of Invoices

As is normal for a company of our size, payment runs are conducted once a month.

All invoices becoming due will be picked up and processed in the monthly payment run.

In general, payments are made via bank transfers which takes three working days to reach the supplier.

If the supplier accepts credit card payments, this method may be used instead

A proportion of suppliers are paid via direct debit. These are marked on the system so that they will not be paid via the payment runs.

5. Late and Missed Payments

When a supplier makes the finance team aware of an unpaid invoice, a copy of the invoice will be requested.

The invoice will (if appropriate) be fast-tracked through the system and authorisation sought.

Once authorised, the invoice(s) will be picked up on the next available payment run.

6. Payment Disputes

If the North West IT authoriser disputes an invoice, they can reject the invoice.

Our Accounts Departmnet will work with the North West IT authoriser to contact the supplier to inform them of the rejected invoice together with the reason.

The following procedure follow:

  • Where appropriate, the original PO will be referred to in order to ensure all the details are correct
  • In the first instance, any dispute should be settled between the representative who placed the order, and an authorised person for the supplier
  • If the dispute is not resolved, the supplier should email the purchase ledger team with a copy of the invoice, a summary of the issue(s) and correspondence to date in respect of the dispute. The purchase ledger team will escalate the information within the business to facilitate resolution where possible

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