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Stop Sell Update - September 2023


PSTN Stop Sell - The big turn off (update)

As part of the overall 2025 switch off, as of September 5th 2023, the UK-wide national stop sell means that from this date, customers will no longer be able to order any new copper-based lines, although customers will still have access to their existing services.

This also means that any changes and modifications will also be unavailable, ultimately limiting customer’s ability to use their services effectively and expanding their network when required.

What will the stop sell affect?

New supply of copper single/multi lines, ISDN2, ISDN30, ADSL (SMPF), FTTC and G.Fast
EFM Copper Services based on Openreach legacy network will cease from 31st August 2023

Changes to the above services which will no longer be available include:
  • Working line takeovers
  • Start of stopped lines
  • Changes to DDI ranges
  • Migrations
  • Like for Like Communications Provider (CP) transfers
  • Addition of broadband to copper voice lines
  • Bandwidth modifications
  • Additions of lines and channels to existing installations e.g. adding/removing ISDN channels

Update 1/9/2023 – Openreach has announced a temporary extension of ADSL Orders until March 2024. This means where SoGEA and FTTP are not available legacy ADSL may be available to order for new provision where an existing copper telephone line exists.