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Co-Managed IT Support: The Best of Both Worlds for Your Business


It’s time to work with your budget, not against it…

Managing your business's IT infrastructure can be a daunting task. On one hand, having an in-house IT team seems ideal, but it can be costly and difficult to scale. Outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) relieves some burden, but complete reliance on an external team can lead to misaligned priorities. Co-managed IT support offers a solution, blending the strengths of both in-house and outsourced IT expertise.

What is Co-Managed IT Support?

Co-managed IT support is a collaborative model where your internal IT team shares responsibilities with an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP). They work in partnership, splitting IT tasks based on skills, capacity, and strategic goals. This dynamic approach allows your business to gain the specialised knowledge and resources of an MSP while maintaining a degree of internal control.

Key Benefits of Co-Managed IT Support

Cost Savings: Co-management helps reduce the overhead costs associated with building a comprehensive internal IT team, as you can leverage the MSP's resources.

24/7 Support & Coverage: MSPs can provide the round-the-clock monitoring and support that your business needs, ensuring minimal downtime and relieving strain from your in-house team.

Access to Specialised Expertise: MSPs often have vast experience in areas like cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and disaster recovery, providing your business access to specialised knowledge.

Scalability: Co-managed IT allows you to quickly scale up or down based on your needs, without the burden of hiring and training, especially during projects or busy seasons.

Boosted Productivity: Your in-house IT team can focus on strategic projects and initiatives as the MSP handles routine maintenance, patching, and support tasks.

Improved Security: Dividing security responsibilities between your in-house team and a cybersecurity-focused MSP creates multiple layers of security to better protect against cyberthreats.

Is Co-Managed IT Right for You?

Co-managed IT is ideal for businesses that:

Want to optimise their existing IT team without the burden of a full-time expansion.

Desire access to specialised expertise in specific areas.

Need round-the-clock support and extended coverage.

Seek to strengthen their security posture.

Value flexibility and scalability in IT operations.

Getting Started

If co-managed IT support sounds like a good fit, consider:

Carefully defining the roles and responsibilities for your internal team and your chosen MSP.

Establishing clear communication channels and processes for efficient collaboration.

Selecting an MSP that aligns with your business culture and understands your unique needs.


By adopting a co-managed IT support model, your business can enjoy a more efficient, secure, and flexible approach to IT management. This collaborative partnership promotes innovation, cost reduction, and enables you to focus on your core business objectives.