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Business Update – July 2023

Hello everyone. I don’t think I have written a personal, direct message before! So let’s start with an introduction. I am James, the CEO of North West IT Services and Solutions Limited, or just North West IT to keep it short!

First, the eagle-eyed will have noted a subtle change… OK… a major change! That is our name. We were called CJLS Tech Limited, which was good, for showcasing the leadership team as it was our initials, BUT… what did we do? Our brand wasn’t going anywhere as it meant nothing, I know there are other local companies in a similar boat, or maybe they haven’t realised yet.

So North West IT (Services and Solutions) Limited was used to simply rename CJLS Tech. Hopefully, the new name, either in full or in its shorter form grasps that core value of what we do… and that being all things Business IT.

So what else have we been up to?

Well, there are quite a lot of things in the pipeline which will slowly be deployed over the next quarter. Oh, that brings me to Happy Birthday North West IT. We are now in our third year of trading, and even thou our age is young, we have already defined what a modern MSP should be… We do not, where possible, resell anyone’s services, we rather not sell them than have to mark things up to be a middleman between you and the ‘hidden white labelled’ vendor. This is why we have invested in THREE, yes three billing systems to manage the three main areas of the business (since 2 are covered by one!)

So what is changing for the first quarter of our third year?

Well many subtle changes for now, but hopefully will have a massive improvement in the long run with minimal to zero disruption to our clients.

The billing system managing our IT Side is being replaced with a new modern one from a different vendor, this is going to bring some serious improvements to our customer engagement with us! From this new tool, you will all get your own login to the system (similar to our current Datto PSA, only better)… Why is it better, well, simply put, you can manage us via this login meaning you can manage your business IT better. From the obvious reporting of problems to requesting new hardware, exploring our knowledge base, to following a series of pre-defined workflows to tell us about your change management. Basically, it will run our business and let you inform us better than our current PSA can! Win-Win!

We are also changing our RMM tool to a more powerful multi-platform system giving us more back office performance enhancements as well as offering a true massively multi-layered security approach on the hardware we manage for you! We are partnering up with new vendors increasing our portfolio to give us the ability to offer a truly customised offering to you and your business.

During this transitional period, tickets may not get an auto-response with a case number, but rest assured that we have them and we are working to the same SLAs ‘manually’. We are aiming for all the new systems to be in place by the end of August 2023.

In the meantime, If there is anything you wish to discuss with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out! My email is

Thank you for reading!